River Drive Designs

CNC Plasma Cutting and Metal Fabrication

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Who are we?

We are a small, family-owned, Mom & Pop Shop.  We handle every aspect of the business in-house, which means we are very responsive to our customers!

How to reach us?

We would love to hear from you.  Contact us with any questions.  You can submit requests for custom orders through the Custom Orders tab, fill out the form below, or email Daniel directly at daniel@tflex-tech.com – any way you do it, we will get back to you as fast as we can!

What do we do?

We specialize in metal creations.  Our featured items include pergola/shop table brackets, candle-toppers, and more  We also make, easy-to-assemble fire pits, monogram letters, garden trellises, and pretty much anything we can out of metal!

Whether it be ornamental or functional, we can cut and build the part you need.

See something you like or need?  We can make it for you.  Want to tweak it?  We can do that too.  Everyone has a creative side.  Express yours by having us carve it out of solid steel!  No need to hang someone else’s art on your wall – – make your own!

Want to send us a picture of that oblong bracket in your dad’s old truck that you have no idea how to recreate?  We gladly accept the challenge.  There are some parts that just cannot be made (easily) with an angle grinder and determination.  That’s where we come in.

How does Plasma Cutting Work?

Our Plasma cutter works by taking 65 amps of 480 volt electricity to superheat electrically ionized gas through a narrow tip , propelled by our industrial Atlas-Copco air compressor, forming a conductive circuit from the plasma unit, through the plasma torch, to the material.  The result is a 40,000° stream of gas which instantly renders metal into a molten form as the plasma stream blasts through the material with computer-controlled precision.  Curves, scrolls and decorative arts are perfect for our plasma cutting due to our one-piece 2,000 pound table which will not shift as the cutter rockets around your design.  Coupled with our CNC setup, there is almost no shape that cannot be cut.  Bring us your design or snag one of the ones we already made.  Either way, we think you will like the result!

What is CNC?

CNC, or computer numerical code, is the language by which a computer automates the use of tools to perform a specific task.  It allows for ultra-precise and repeatable actions to be performed in an optimized and controlled fashion.  This setup is what allows us to create with unsurpassed intricacy and uniform tolerances.

This computer control is also what allows us to take handwriting, pictures, and drawings and turn them into final products.

CNC Table

Whereas the computer is the brains of the operation, the table is the muscle and body.  A large work surface is flanked by a heavy steel gantry on which the plasma torch is attached.  The computer controls the movement of the motors on either side of the gantry as well as the up and down movement of the torch to achieve spectacular cuts and products.

Mild Steel, Aluminum, and Other Metals

Sheet (thin) and plate (thick) steel are most commonly used, followed by aluminum.  Just let us know what you need!  We prefer 1/8″ steel in a lot of our arts so that the final product is at the intersection of value, durability, and style.

Pipe and Tubing

We not only offer flat metal works, but soon we will be able to also cut pipe and tubes!  We have a four axis machine which allows us the extra dimension of rotating material as well as moving left, right, and up/down.