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Continuing to Merge Functionality with Style to Bring Timeless Beauty to Your Home

Who Are We?

We are a small, family-owned, Mom & Pop Shop. We handle every aspect of the business in-house, which means we are very responsive to our customers!

What Products Do We offer?

We design and make all our own products in-house: Everything from True Bullnose® Padded Carpet Stair Treads to our exclusive PostHugger™ heavy-duty Brackets for your DIY projects to our collection of Candle-Savers™ Candle-Toppers.


Head over to TrueBullnose.com to check out our hand-crafted standard & custom size Carpet Stair Treads – – made in the U.S.A. with equipment we designed and built!

What is the True Bullnose® name all about? Each carpet is specially ordered and then cut to size and permanently attached to a rigid bullnose piece so that when the tread is installed, it will wrap securely around your stair-step and stay there due to the peel and stick non-skid on the back of each tread!

True Bullnose® Stair Treads are for the discerning DIYer that wants a high-quality alternative to the old school/costly full stair runner, which required professional installation and permanent nail damage to your wood stairs.

Questions? Click Here to Send Us an E-Mail to orders@tflex-tech.com


Creatively designed and produced in our local shop, we offer our Candle-Saver™ Brand Candle Toppers in a wide range of styles — including Classic Shapes (spiral, hearts in a circle, Tree of Life, fleur-de-lis, suns, stars, et al.), Nature-Inspired (bunnies in a circle!, butterfly, flowers, cat, dog, paw print! et al.), Fall-Themes (marshmallows over a campfire!, maple leaf,  et al.), Holiday (pumpkins, snowflakes, pine trees, reindeer! oh my!), and Monogram Letters. We also offer Astrological Signs, popular Symbols & Signs such as Chinese Lu (Happiness), Triquetra (Trinity Knot), Japanese Love,  Yin Yang, and Eye of Horus.

These 1/8″ thick solid steel candle toppers add style to both lit and unlit candles while helping them burn more evenly. Made in the USA of hand-finished steel, they reflect heat to melt wax uniformly. This prevents wasteful, unsightly tunneling and coring.

Our standard sized candle topper diameters of either 3.2″ or 4″ are extremely versatile– fitting Bath & Body, Slatkin, Yankee candles and more. And if you have a candle jar that is over 4″ wide (from outside to outside), just email us at diane@tflex-tech.com or help@tflex-tech.com and we can to work on a custom diameter for you!


We specialize in heavy duty, 1/8″ thick PostHugger™ steel brackets for DIY Pergola builds & more! Our featured items include brackets for 4×4 and 6×6 wood posts and Pergola Steel Brackets Kits.


How Does Plasma Cutting Work?

Our plasma cutter works by using 65 amps of 480 volt, three-phase, electricity to super-heat air.  The result is a 40,000° stream which instantly renders metal into a molten form as the plasma stream blasts through the material with computer-controlled precision.  Curves, scrolls and decorative arts are perfect for our plasma cutting due to our one-piece 2,000 pound table which will not shift as the cutter rockets around your design.  Coupled with our CNC setup, there is almost no shape that cannot be cut.  Bring us your design or snag one of the ones we already made.  Either way, we think you will like the result!

Our Steel

We prefer to design and work with 1/8″ steel so that the final product is at the intersection of value, durability, and style. But let us know what you need, and we’ll work with you!

How To Reach Us?

We would love to hear from you. Contact us with bracket questions by clicking the PostHugger.com link below, which will direct you to our PostHugger™ Contact Page to fill out and ask your question.

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