Solid Steel Renaissance Fair Metal Art Atlantean Styled Conan the Barbarian Inspired Sword or Ax with 3/4″ Thick Handle and 1/4″ Thick Blade


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This sword was designed in honor of Conan the Barbarian and his Atlantean Sword. As pictured, we went big — a full length of 47″ by 8″ wide at the hilt, and a staggering 3/4″ thick! It is made by sandwiching three 1/4″ thick pieces of steel together — one full length piece from the tip of the blade to the end of the handle and two more 1/4″ thick plates which sandwich the handle to form the 3/4″ handle and hilt! All of which is welded together using our 480 Volt Three Phase MIG Welder!

They are made with raw unfinished steel. After all, Conan could not run to Home Depot and pick up a can of Rust-Oleum. Besides, it looks great in its natural state!

We also can paint individual pieces before assembly if you would like a multicolored look. Just message us with what you have in mind! Pricing will vary accordingly.

We are offering it in three sizes, our original over-sized design of 47″ long, weighing in at over 13 pounds, a proper-length 36.5″ long version, and a 24″ version. No matter how you cut it, these look great! We plan on adding other sword designs and shields too. Just let us know what you would like! We can even customize your Sword by cutting your name, initials, or phrase all the way through the blade!

We also offer it in a 2-plate version, — the long sword piece and just one side of the handle/hilt (half of the sandwich), leaving off the other side which will reduce the weight and cost. You can choose this option if the back side will not been seen, such as if it will just always sit on a mantle/wall as opposed to held or able to be viewed from all sides.

We also are offering the pictured Axe! Although not a Conan style relic, we (boys) felt we needed an ax to balance out our offering. As pictured, it weighs 6.9 pounds and measures 19″ long and 7.25 wide with the same 3/4″ thick approach as the Atlantean Sword. It too is available in a 2-plate version.

SHIPPING NOTE and PICKUP OPTION: If you are around Cartersville, Georgia and want to stop by our shop to pick up and save on shipping, enter SHOPLOCAL as a coupon code when you check out. We will let you know when your order is ready for pickup at 230 River Drive, Cartersville!

If you are in Hawaii or Alaska, please send us a message. We are subsidizing the shipping cost already and we are not sure if we have to charge extra to serve our far-away States. If you are interested however, strike up a conversation with us and we will see what we can figure out for you.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 1 in

47", 36.5", 23.5", 19"


Atlantean Sword, Atlantean 2-Plate, Axe, Axe 2-Plate


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