‪New “Stoneless Steel” Unbreakable Solid Metal Pizza Stone – Oven or Grill – 1/4″ Thick #RiverDriveDesigns


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After wearing out two pizza stones, which eventually crack from heating and cooling, we made ourselves an indestructible “stoneless” pizza stone! It is cut out of structural steel plate so it will outlast your oven! We then hand finish it and send it your way where you may subject it to as much abuse as you like — not to worry, it can take it!

Standard sizes available. Just strike up a conversation if you would like a custom shape or size not listed. As shown in the pictures, each one will be unique based on the patterned surface of the steel.

Thank you!


Does Thickness Matter?  YES!  But it can be confusing because a lot of ads say “heavy duty,” “thick,” or “very durable,” but those are just words.  Some ads will tell you it is a particular gauge, but if you are like us, these approaches make us feel like a goat looking at a watch – – pretty confused!  So in this listing we use 1/4” thick metal. Let’s put that in a list of thicknesses using common coins:

1/4” = .25” which is thicker than two quarters and two dimes, all four stacked on top of each other, and is called 3 gauge!!!

1/8″ = .125″  = 11 Gauge = Thicker than a Quarter and a Dime Stacked on Top of Each Other (2.4% Thicker).  It is 250% thicker than 18 Gauge and 60% thicker than 14 Gauge.

5/64″ = .078″ = 14 Gauge = Barely Thicker than a Nickel (1.6% thicker).  

1/20″ = .05″   = 18 Gauge = Almost as Thick as a Dime (it is 6% short)

SHIPPING NOTE and PICKUP OPTION:  If you are around Cartersville, Georgia and want to stop by our shop to pick up and save on shipping, enter SHOPLOCAL as a coupon code when you check out.  We will let you know when your order is ready for pickup at 230 River Drive, Cartersville!  

If you are in Hawaii or Alaska, please send us a message.  We are subsidizing the shipping cost already and we are not sure if we have to charge extra to serve our far-away States.  If you are interested however, strike up a conversation with us and we will see what we can figure out for you.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 1 in

13", 15", 18", 24"


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